The perfect way to promote your tour through social media.

The problem is always the same...

We have a great fan base, we love our fans; but we don’t know who they are.
— said everyone ever

PictureBooth helps artists like Alan Jackson and Jay-Z promote their tours and learn more about their fans.  

When our music clients contact us, we always hear the same thing, "We have a great following, we have great fans; but we don't know who they are."  PictureBooth can help any artist or brand discover more about their client and help them get in touch with the ones who matter.  When you put a PictureBooth at your event, you are not only generating immense amounts of content that will be shared on social media, you are also generating valuable information about your fans.  These are people AT your show, they already love you.  Give them something fun to do and let them interact with your brand further.  Your paying customers are the ones you should be investing the most time and money in.  Not only will you increase their patronage, they also become your brand representatives to their family and friends.  We are no longer in the age of information, we are in the age of recommendation and what is more powerful than a family member or friend recommending your brand.