Since 2012, PictureBooth has been revolutionizing the photo industry with brands internationally.  

Our mission: create the best photo system on the planet.

In a single night, PictureBooth can help create tens of thousands of interactions on social media from one event.  How?  Read on... 

did you know?

On average, 227 people view a picture post from a PictureBooth on Facebook and Instagram.  In one night 100 picture posts can create over 28,000 interactions with your brand.

More fun.

Our software was developed from the ground up with fun in mind.  We couldn't just create something that was easy to use, we had to create something that was extremely fun and keep people coming back for more.

Easy to use.

Our booth is extremely easy to use.  Unlike many other photo systems, PictureBooth is a product and requires only power to get it started.  Why waste time plugging in other components and cables?

Create a buzz.

Our booth allows your guests to text or email their pictures instantly to themselves at your event and easily share them with their friends on social media.  We have perfected the sharing process through our booth, it's quick and easy to do, no need for other components.


Every aspect of PictureBooth can be customized: from the actual photo booth case, the software interface, the stand, to the backdrop.  We work with you to create a photo booth that encompasses your brand perfectly.

Learn more about your fans.

Wanna know who loves your brand?  PictureBooth can provide you with many different types of information about your guests such as emails, phone numbers and demographic information.

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Working with PictureBooth was one of the easiest decisions we’ve ever made.
— Henri Kohl, The Smithsonian