Getting the most out of your holiday marketing event

So, your Derby Party was a hit. Your venue crafted the most exquisite mint juleps in all of Denver, and the food display was more elaborate than the blanket of roses laid atop the winning horse. The only problem? There’s no evidence.

    You slaved for hours to decorate your venue to a tee, and your vendors were top notch, but there are no quality photos to use as proof or future marketing materials. Sure, you put up a couple facebook announcements and expected people to take pictures, but how do you know for sure that your event will be recognized and shared around social media? Even more, how do you know that your event will be painted in the light that you worked so hard to achieve? PictureBooth has products that will make sure you get credited with the photos and people sharing on social media will see your brand.

    If you have a huge event coming up or even a series of events, our product is designed so that you can rent or lease a PictureBooth at your convenience. Not only can you design the interior and exterior of the booth to match the event branding, you can leave a custom message for your guests that they will see whenever they text or email a photo to themselves. That way, they are incentivized to share the photo, tag your brand, use a custom hashtag, and include the location. Next time, the Sunday after Derby will be a breeze because you already know there is a wealth of social content waiting for you.

    However, if you have a lower budget, we have an equally engaging product for you. Selfie by PictureBooth is a new piece of technology designed to encourage content creation and sharing by your guests. Encourage your users to take a selfie on Selfie, and a text will be sent to their phone asking them to share and/or incentivizing the share with a discount on merchandise or drinks (possibilities are endless). In this way, you get the same trackable content at a lower cost to you as the venue.

    Fabulous events are only fabulous if you have the pictures to prove it, so never run into the same problem again! Use content created at your event by your guests to serve as marketing materials for upcoming events and advertisements for your incredible vendors. No matter your budget, we’ve got a solution.