Great Summer Events start with a PictureBooth

Summer is just around the corner in Colorado, and everyone is starting to plan parties. From weddings and company BBQs, to high school graduations and family reunions, planning is in full swing. And yet, booking entertainment is often always last on the to do list. “Everyone will come together, talk, eat, and that will be enough,” you think. No need for an expensive DJ or elaborate party games. But, if you’ve ever been to a party of any kind, you know that a cluster of people in the same space is usually not enough to craft a successful event.

The real question you should be asking when it comes to entertainment is, “How do I make sure there is something for everyone?” Entertainment shouldn’t serve as a distraction from the event but rather an invitation to engage in the event. A PictureBooth can provide both the engagement you crave and unstructured entertainment for a wide variety of guests.

PictureBooth will take your event to the next level, no matter the guest list, because of its unique ability to provide joy at any function. PictureBooth will document your event by grouping individual photos into sets or interactive .gifs. Never worry about having enough photos for family photo albums or to show how awesome your company is on LinkedIn, we will provide you will the full set of edited and branded photos for memories and marketing alike. PictureBooth will surprise your guests. Few people have ever seen a photo booth that is small, customizable, and completely interactive via our incredible touch screen technology. Even your grandma and the company curmudgeon will be laughing. Lastly, PictureBooth will make your event unique. In the whorl of summer gatherings, make sure your event leaves a lasting mark that your guests will remember every time they look at their new profile picture.

It is an immediate conversation starter, an activity that can be done at any time during the event, and a way to literally group new friends together for a photo. PictureBooth Colorado is already booking for summer events, so why wait? Take your event to the next level today.