Make Your PictureBooth Your Creation

Close your eyes, entrepreneurs. Imagine the day that your restaurant opens or your product launches. You throw a party to celebrate and commemorate the occasion, and you rent a PictureBooth to christen the evening. The only question is, what does it look like?

There are countless ways to customize your booth, as can be seen on our website. You can choose different overlays, props, special graphics, and backgrounds. How do you make your PictureBooth your creation that truly speaks to your brand?

After the thousands of events we have worked with in the past few years, we can confidently say that there are three primary design choices that are the most popular across the board: an overlay, a custom wrap, and a greenscreen backdrop.


The overlay is the image or watermark that rests overtop the picture after it is taken. A user will receive their picture with this overlay attached. An overlay has the ability to advertise your branding, share a custom hashtag, and keep the theme consistent as they are shared across social media. In many ways, a custom overlay is the most lasting piece of branding we can provide.

Custom Wrap

All of our standard PictureBooths are the size of a carry on suitcase, and they all have the option to be wrapped in a custom vinyl wrap. You can get as creative as you want with these wraps. You can advertise your own event, sell sponsorships so that other companies can advertise, or create a standard logo wrap. The wrap is like the bait for users - it’s the look that draws them close and piques their interest.

Greenscreen Backdrop

A backdrop is not required, but it is an incredible addition. We rent standard black or white backdrops, a step and repeat, or a custom image, but a greenscreen is by far the most popular because of its ability to change. If you rent a booth for multiple days, you have the ability to change the greenscreen image and expand the creativity of your event. The opportunities are endless.

At PictureBooth, we want your booth to reflect everything that you desire. Work with us and keep in mind these popular options to make your PictureBooth your creation.