5 things to look for when renting a photobooth

     Photobooths. Are they necessary? With the prevalence of smartphones, professional photographers, and live video at events, is a photobooth worth the time and money? How can you be sure that you will get your money’s worth, rather than create an extra hassle for yourself on event day. What are the best questions to ask when renting a photobooth? At PictureBooth, our team works to ensure that every one of our booths is time efficient, a revenue driver, and hassle-free.

    In order to get exactly what you need, these are the five points to consider when determining your PictureBooth rental or purchase:


     Traditional photo booths are stationary, require a great deal of setup, and are costly, often over $1000 for an event. 

Our Answer:

    Our prices range greatly depending on the length of time you rent the booth and the amount of customization that goes into it. However, we truly believe that our product can serve the budget of any event. In order to streamline the process, know your budget going into the rental process so that we can guide you accordingly. Our prices begin at $749 and increase with customization. Additionally, they save you a great deal in both time and labor.

    Set Up:

    Picture the traditional, archaic photobooth. You have to step inside, take a few polaroid photos, and wait for them to print. There is very little interaction and no customization. You might be wondering: Who sets up the booth? Does it have a person to monitor it? Will I have to spend my entire night watching this thing?

Our Answer:

     Nope! Our setup process has been carefully documented and explained so that anyone can do it in under 10 minutes! The PictureBooth requires no monitor and no extra attention throughout the event.


    We are the first portable, shippable photobooth company. Don’t worry if you aren’t anywhere near one of our shipping warehouses, we have the ability to ship anywhere in the country!

    Our booths will be shipped to one of our affiliates in your city and will arrive at least one day before the event. We ask that you save the shipping materials, as you will use them to easily ship your booth back to us after the event is over.

    Getting my Pictures:

    Prepare for hundreds, if not thousands, of images to be taken on any given night in the PictureBooth. You can order a Printer Pod if you’d like users to be able to print their images on the spot. But, rest assured that all images will be delivered to you digitally, as well. As soon as we get the booth back in our office, we will be able to deliver all of your pictures to you. The sooner you ship it back, the sooner your images will be given to you!


    With a traditional photobooth, there’s no way the average person could troubleshoot a problem. However, with our open, touch screen design, our problems are easy to fix in no time. If anything goes wrong, we have support instructions and the option to have live chat with a member of our team. Someone is always on call during our events to make sure that everything runs smoothly and the client is in good hands.

When renting your booth, be smart, know what you want, and be assured that we will deliver the rest.