Using PictureBooth to Understand Your Target Audience

So, you rented a PictureBooth. You received amazing, high-quality images from the event, and you love looking through them. But, what’s the next step? How can these images help you understand your target market? Let us help.

The pictures are unique and hilarious, but let’s look first at the data you received from your event. You have countless email addresses and phone numbers that users provided you in order to receive their images. Use this information to create a new mailing list specific to your event. Right away, you have the ability to categorize this data into a useable format for events in the future.

Second, use the data you’ve garnered to research your users via social media. Depending on their privacy settings, you have the ability to find additional points of data collection via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find out who your target market is; what are their interests, and how old are they?

Now that you are informed, craft your marketing strategy for future events to specifically target this audience. Contact them, stay in touch, and cater to their likes. Ask them for follows, and incentivize their action. The world is your oyster with your PictureBooth data, so take advantage of it.

photo by Victor Hanacek