Every Event is about the Guest List

    When planning an event, where do you start? Is it the theme, the date, or the decorations? Of course not. As an experienced event planner, you know the truth: it’s all about the guest list. The people that attend an event are the ones that provide the personality and energy that will make or break the experience. But, some events have an open invitation, so how do you know who to plan for? At PictureBooth, we want to provide you with an experience that will give your guests a reason to engage and help you learn more about your clients.

    Time and time again, we have seen users gladly hand over their information in exchange for a fun picture of themselves. Our PictureBooths can collect email addresses, phone numbers, social media handles, and demographic information (depending on the user’s privacy settings). After an event, you can refer back to this data to plan your next gathering and make it even more engaging and specific. Think about the annual events that you are eager to innovate, such as Christmas parties and staff-wide get togethers. Use PictureBooth to craft interactive holiday parties that will make your guests excited for the next year.

    For instance, if your guests were primarily females ages 18-24, you can make sure that your social media content is tailored to this audience in your upcoming promotions. You can design door prizes and giveaways that speak to your audience, rather than taking a shot in the dark. What’s more, you can incentivize your guest to share their images in order to be entered into a contest or giveaway. If you know who you’re talking to, the conversation is more well received.

    Most importantly, the brand engagement between your company and your users will take a new turn. Undoubtedly, your users will feel more connected to your brand if they are part of your content. After an event, you will have thousands of images to choose from for your own social media and promotional materials, and guests will be thrilled to see their images used on your platforms. You can continue the conversation long after the event is over by sharing their images, adding them to your mailing list, and inviting them to your future events via social media.