PictureBooth: The Highlight of Your Wedding

The wedding industry is constantly evolving. Gone are the days of traditions and cookie-cutter ceremonies; now is the time for personal touches, hand-crafted vows, and unique experiences that give your guests a snapshot of your taste as a couple. When it comes to your wedding, PictureBooth isn’t a replacement photographer or a gimmick at the reception, it’s the experience your guests will walk away talking about.


Let’s start with the rehearsal dinner. It’s the first time that two families come together and begin to prepare for the adventure that is the wedding day. Greetings are full of nervous chatter and details about the impending nuptials, and it can take some time to get the party started. Instead, a PictureBooth can provide an easy conversation topic to get your guests out of their comfort zone and into the spirit of the day.


When it comes to the reception, PictureBooth can capture moments and liven up the party by providing immediate entertainment. Even if the cocktail hour drags on or the band plays too many slow songs, your guests will never be lacking. Your wedding photographer can’t be everywhere at once, so use PictureBooth to get groups that need to be photographed together in the same place. Share the photos using a hashtag picked by the bride and groom, and drag the happy couple into a picture or two, as well!                    


What’s the fun in a traditional guest book when your guests have the opportunity to leave a custom message for you face to face? The opportunities are endless, so don’t underestimate the creativity of your friends and family! Provide them with props or just a few chalkboards, and you’ll be laughing for years to come at the photos they’ll create.


At the end of the day, a wedding is a celebration centered on the bride and groom, but enjoyed by the community that loves and supports them. What better way to savor memories of the night than by providing a way for your guests to engage in the moment? Allow them to join in the excitement, customize their words of advice, and be incentivized to share a high-quality image of their experience that puts any dimly-lit iPhone photo to shame.