5 Things to Love about Using PictureBooth

You’re probably interested in renting a PictureBooth because of how fun the images will be. You’ve seen our website, or maybe you used one of our booths at an event, and you know the endless laughter that our pictures provoke. We take profile-picture worthy images, every time. But, if you’re honest, you might be a bit nervous about the details. What about setup, tear down, and all the in between? Will it be as easy as it looks?


One word: absolutely! Renting or buying, using our booths is easy. Here are five things to love about using a PictureBooth:

  • Setup - In just 10 minutes, you can set up the booth, connect it to wifi and boothcloud, and you’ll be good to go!

  • Instructions - We’ll send you everything you need along with your booth. There is no webinar or user manual to read, just a quick set of instructions displayed on the booth’s home screen.

  • Data Collection - You’ll get tons of user data from the event - all photos can be used for marketing. Additionally, you’ll have phone numbers and emails to stay in touch after, and info for planning the next event

  • Tear Down - Don’t worry about a stressful shipping process. We provide return labels, and it’s as easy to disassemble the booth as it was to set it up.

  • Adding Booths - When you rent or buy, we already know who you are and can easily get you another booth no problem! Just check with us to make sure we have extras available! If you plan to reuse the booth on a regular basis, you might even consider buying booths to make it easy on planning.

We love our PictureBooths, and we want your experience to be just as positive. We work every day to streamline our processes so that you can focus on the best part: taking pictures and collecting data.