picturebooth v3

A premium photo booth designed to let mavericks build a 6-figure side hustle.

Priced at only $4,999, including every tool you need to get started immediately.

Time is money. 

Our booth has the fastest set-up time in the industry and can be set up in less than a minute with absolutely ZERO tools.

Don't let traffic stop you from being set-up on time for your next event.

software designed with you in mind.

Our software provides the best user experience on the market, with all of the most requested features.  We also give you a completely free way to manage your events, send texts and emails, and send your client photos after the event. 

We are the only photo booth company in the industry that provides those tools for FREE.

What is included in every purchase?

1. A PictureBooth V3, a backdrop stand with case, and a commercial grade printer.

2. A beautiful website template that will convert new customers.

3. Our 6 Figure Side Hustle Packet that details how to successfully start and run a photo booth business.

4. Access to the PictureBooth family which includes owners with between 1 and 19 booths.

5. A guide to advertising online and how to find new customers EVERY SINGLE DAY.


How can you sell a booth for so much less than your competitors?  Our booth is priced so much lower than our competitors because we manufacture and develop all software in-house.  Our goal is for our entrepreneurs to purchase one booth, and then come back for more.  Your success is our success and we are in this business to help you grow your dream.

Why do you think your booth is better than everyone else's?  In 2012, our CEO invented the world's first portable and shippable photo booth while in college.  Since then, we have and continue to work with top brands all over the globe.  The V3 is powered by the same components and software that are used daily on international music tours, in the world's largest retailers, and events of all kinds.  We say it is the best because, it is the best, in all aspects.  Design, construction, ease of use, ease of management, component quality...  The list goes on and on.  On top of that, our cloud platform, BoothCloud, gives you a completely and totally free way to send custom texts and emails.  Most companies require a subscription for this and we think that is nuts.

Why do brands choose your products over your competitors?  Our booths are the only booths in the industry that are designed to be operated by the user and they are also incredibly customizable for each and every event.  Most brands, when using booths at their events, do not have the personnel to have someone at the booth all night long.  This means that attending each and every event is not necessary.  99% of our rentals NEVER have an attendant.  This also means that you can rent your booths over multiple days for corporate events, brand activations and trade shows.  Having a self-serve booth option gives you flexibility that your competitors will not have

How much do prints cost with your printer?  We sell media in boxes of 2800 prints for $200.  This box will last between 4-6 events making your cost per event between $35-$50.

Do you offer technical support?  Yes, we offer tech support for free 24/7 - 365.  Our owners have a direct line to technical support to help address issues if they arise.  However, because our booths are built so well, this is an absolute rarity.  Our booth will not fail you during an event.

Do you have any examples of entrepreneurs you work with?

1. www.boothmaverick.com

2. www.rocketboxphotos.com

3. www.boxoffunphotobooths.com

Do you offer financing?  Yes!  We offer financing via third-party.  Because we have designed our booth to be a cost-effective purchase, most entrepreneurs find that financing a booth can cost as little as $200 per month.

How quickly will I receive my new PictureBooth V3?   The V3 is shipped within 2 weeks of your purchase date.

How can a V3 be customized for my brand?  The V3 can be wrapped with logos, and the metal edges can be powder coated any color you like.  For pictures and ideas, please contact us!

How quickly will I have a website after purchase?  All we need is your logo color pallete and your website will be live within 2 business days.  If you don't have a logo, we can have our designer create one for you, for an additional $250.

Does the $4999 price include shipping? Yes.  We think extra shipping fees are silly.  If you need expedited shipping however, you will pay the same cost we pay at the time of shipment.

Do I get training on the product?  Absolutely.  Before receiving your booth, you will schedule a phone call with our Customer Happiness Officer who will train you on every aspect you need to know about your booth.  You will also have access to tons of videos that will give you quick and easy to understand answers about how the booth works, how you can customize it, and how to troubleshoot.

I am new to this industry...  How will you help me succeed?  We will help you succeed in many ways.  Number one, you will have a booth that will never get turned down for any event.  We supply photo booths to events around the globe because our booth, the booth that you will be purchasing is superior.  On top of that, we will provide you with a How To Guide (called 6 Figure Side Hustle) on creating and running a successful photo booth business.  Furthermore, the website templates we offer are scientifically proven to give your potential customers the information they want and make them desire your product for their event.  The templates we provide, are the same templates we use to find and book customers every single day of the year.  The right website with the right advertising strategy (which we provide for you) give you the secret to succeeding in this industry.  Think about it... You are probably on this page right now because we were #1 in the ad results.  That is exactly where you will be with our strategies.

How much should I charge for rentals?  That depends on many factors.  Our average rental price is between $750 - $1000; but we oftentimes do events for around $500.  Why?  Well, our booth is self-serve and for the lower priced rentals, we don't offer an attendant because an attendant is not necessary to operate our booth.  We drop it off, set it up, go get dinner, see a movie, and come back to grab it.  If we are attending the event, the price is higher because more of our time is involved.  For weekly rentals, we charge anywhere from $1449 - $2449 depending on the customizations requested by the client.