The best photo booth on the market, shipped right to your door.

Why is PictureBooth the best?

More Fun.

Studies show that PictureBooth is 150% more fun than the next best choice.  Why?  The biggest reason is that most photo booths come with a weird attendant... Our booth is fully automated and only requires power to get it going... Nuff said. 

Easy to use.

Our booth was designed from the ground up to be a fully self-service product.  Set it up, let people use it, it's that easy.

Create a buzz.

Our booth allows your guests to text or email their pictures instantly to themselves at your event and easily share them with their friends on social media.  We have perfected the sharing process through our booth, it's quick and easy to do, no need for other components.


Every aspect of PictureBooth can be customized: from the actual photo booth case, the software interface, the stand, to the backdrop.  We work with you to create a photo booth that encompasses your event perfectly.


PictureBooth now offers hand delivery to events anywhere in the countryfor only $99.


PictureBooth rentals start at $749, which includes everything you need to produce a stunning event.  For more information about pricing, please visit the Rent a Booth page.

Learn more about your fans.

Wanna know who loves your brand?  PictureBooth provides unique tools to help brands learn more about their fans!  Learn more on our Branding Activation Page.

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