The concept is now a product.

After touring the globe with some of the most notable artists in the world, we decided that the product we built for them should be available to anyone.

How did this happen?

One of our favorite artists, the unforgettable Alan Jackson, gave us a challenge. They wanted a Social Wall at each stop of their tour; but they had limited desk space and to use an entire computer to do this seemed like a waste. This device is a little larger than a credit card and can plug directly into any TV, Projector, or jumbotron via HDMI cable.

Is Social Wall a device or software?

It's both.  The basic version of our Social Wall software is available for free.  We also offer a paid version for brands that need more customization and are looking to collect data.  The device is sold at a cost of $129, and requires a subscription of $25 per month.

How could I/my company use Social Wall?

We believe that Social Wall is perfect for almost any scenario.  Not only does it run live streaming social content, you can also add in a slide show for announcements, with more features on the way.  All of this is controlled real-time using a mobile optimized web application.